Friday, 3 September 2010

Abstinence Isn't So Hard.

I didn't have to hold out for too long...
the camel found me!


In the guise of a £6.99, slightly too big, belted BHS overcoat circa 1998: hidden away in the back corner of a fabulously provincial and unpretentious PDSA, was the camel coat of my dreams. Cheap it may be (in more ways than one) and almost certainly too long for my 5"4 inches; nevertheless, in my rose-tinted retinas it is a perfect imitation of  Chloé and MaxMara's finest Autumn/Winter outerwear, that at the equivalent price of lunch, I simply couldn't pass by. I'm almost excited for Manchester's blistery winter weather so I'll have a chance to put it to good use.

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