Thursday, 2 September 2010

'New Window' Shopping

The time has come. It's thirty nine minutes into the day that one of my most persistent prayers has been answered by my omnipresent fairy godmother of fashion: Zara have finally realised the lucrativeness of the world of Internet shopping and at last have a fully functional, real-life, transactional website!

Now, peace in the West Bank, a cure for cancer or fat free Reese's peanut butter cup this is not; but for a humble devotee of the miraculously underrated brand for many years, this is terribly exciting news. From this day forth I shall be able to purchase their perennially perfect outerwear in my actual size rather than just making do with ill-fitting shoulders and unsightly cuffed sleeves due to my local branch's fairly poor size selection. No more will I have to ponder for hours (quite literally) over a 'piece' purchase; resulting in judgement from the staff and (at the very least) mild irritation from whoever has the misfortune of my being my chosen consumer companion as I dither, agonize and attempt to justify significant sums of money on that completely essential clutch or blazer or kaftan...or maybe that other blazer? Henceforth I shall never be subjected to...well, you get the general gist: Zara has a website. You can buy stuff on it. In bed.

 I know Internet shopping is hardly revolutionary, but this means that Zara's international collection is now at my fingertips and I can debate, dither and deliberate over all it's many delights free from hassle, judgement or rational second opinion. Bliss.

Now to just casually browse and wait for my bank to call and inform me of suspected fraudulent, online transactions from my account...again.

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