Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Great Danes

 When Paris is too unatainably chic and expensive, New York too 'done' and London too try-hard, Copenhagen has provided my (until recently frustrated) shameless, street-style stalker with a bountiful binge of innovative and genuinely interesting ensembles for me to feast on.

Aside from being populated by such innately beautiful creatures, the Danish capital seems to be home to some of the most varied, original and effortless ensembles I have seen in months. Copenhagenstreetstyle.dk is a fantastic showcase of some of the city's most dynamic dressers, a superb source of inspiration and perfectly productive procrastination.

Just a selection:

So this girl is 16, definitely more than a little depressing.
The simple grey pea-coat is something I have been considering for a while but haven't ever found one cut quite as well as this.

According to CSS, Copenhagen's Man-folk are fabulously attired also

This is particularly exciting, one I intend to receate. It makes me pine for weather where tights aren't completely mandatory.

Leggings and chelsea boots topped off my some form of faux dead animal. 

Johan, you are how many men should be clothed.

Teetering dangerously on the slim border between old clothes and old age but I think she pulls it off.

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