Monday, 27 September 2010


After a beautiful week spent in the Italian capital I couldn't help but marvel at the quintessentially Italian sense of style. The unashamed glamazon: big hair, bigger heels, nipped in waists and pushed up breasts; all finished and polished to oh-so Italian perfection, was everywhere in Rome and I was in awe.

It was one morning as I was sat in the Piazza De San Lorenzo, reading Elle's 25th Anniversary issue over cappuccino and cornetti, that I first truly began to appreciate that this iconic, national sense of style was propogated most crucially by Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbanna. Attire to make women exude sex appeal is fairly sparse in the fickle fashion world; but whatever guise Domenico and Stephano's muse is adopting each season; she is always strong, fearless and devastatingly sexy.

This inherent Sicilian sensuality transcending the turnover of trends is no more apparent in light of their latest Milan Fashion Week offering, for Spring/Summer 2011.The duo's last Autumn/Winter show was famously ushered in by the stunning sight of a seemingly endless sea of lean, lithe limbs strutting down the runway; topped off my the hottest of tiny, black hot pants and the signature Dolce Blazer; a sight which many lucky enough to witness first hand described as "stunning", "breathtaking" and "emotional".

The slick, sleek and sexy nature of the collection's aesthetic was juxtaposed by their latest showing, inspired, according to Elle by the "Wedding Trousseau" and executed to feminine perfection, predominantly in exquisite white lace. This was however, by no means the demure wardrobe of a blushing virgin bride; sheer sheaths, with exposed undergarments, corsetry, high hemlines, mid-riffs aplenty and the tightest of pencil skirts ensured that the brand's inherent temptress was still very much at play underneath her floaty facade of faux-innocence.

Flashes of the tight, noir and leopard print punctuated the romantic collection, serving as striking reminders to the voyeur that the irrepressibe D&G vamp refuses to be ignored, tamed, or reigned in; and doesn't need a proposal as a pre-requisite to having her slice of fairytale white, couture-flavoured cake, and eating it too.


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