Tuesday, 5 October 2010

...and it seems Richard Tisci agrees with me

With exquisitely cut, androgynous tailoring ripped, zipped and swathed by billowing layers of chiffon: Givenchy's Spring/Summer 2011 collection swept through Paris Fashion Week in a whirlwind of striking, anti-pretty romance that was impossible to overlook.

Tight, cropped wigs and loosely undone and raggedy, plaited bunches ensured that for this coming Spring, Romance, at least for the Givenchy muse, was definitely more Gothic Gamine than the Girly.

Nevertheless, the bomber jackets, leopard print and predominantly monochromatic palette were punctuated by luxurious silks, tulle and leather ruffles, and the distinctive chiffon trains that cascaded elegantly from leather harnessing, ensuring the "hit" collection steered well away from one-dimensionality. Tisci's superb use of textural layering was manifest in some of the most inventive and interesting catwalk ensmebles seen so far this season.

Bad Girl Biker Chic this was not. Innovative, inspired and infuriatingly unattainable on my meagre, student budget it most certainly is.

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