Sunday, 24 October 2010


Why, Chloe? I know I'm supposed to think her chop (which has admittedly been present for a good few months now) is so fabulously directional and make me instantly want to lop off my lengthy locks, but in truth, I just didn't get it initially and it hasn't grown on me in the slightest since.

Chloe's appeal: which for me has been unsurpassable since the tender age of fourteen, rests strongly on the fact that she never, ever looks contrived. One never gets the impression that she's worn something to fulfil her 'different' or 'quriky' label; evident in her choice of stunning evening wear, clothes that showcase her superb physique and, until her recent follicle folly, her long, thick and immaculately highlighted mane.

Her putting together of unique ensembles never seemed to be at a detriment to her femininity and it was this innate and elegant way of dressing herself that I think truly makes her such a crucial fashion renegade and a long-standing source of personal inspiration. Anyone can cut their hair in an unflattering style, pile layers of second hand clothing, wear some old boots and claim that this equates to their being 'unique' dressers; but does not a true, innate style icon make.

So, what of the hair? If Chloe's sense of style is soooo fantastic and original and unique and amazing then why is losing a few inches of her ends such a huge deal? If you've seen her in Kids you'll understand. For one blessed with so much, Ms. Sevigny does not have the most classically pretty of faces and hers is one that benefits hugely from great hair.

Issue of face-flattery aside, the long-line bob on the grounds that it, in my opinion makes Chloe look like she's trying, and therein lies my primary gripe. I haven't seen her look anywhere near as good since and I'm definitely not ready to kiss goodbye to one of my long-standing fashion heroes.

Please Chloe, get regrowing those ends and help me piece together the beautiful illusion I've always held of you, which is now shattering before my very eyes.

Melodramatic? Moi?

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  1. Gorgeous...
    you'll see a lot moe, Curly,
    of em in Seventh-Heaven.

    wanna PEACE
    of Me?