Tuesday, 5 October 2010

All I Want To Wear Right Now Is: Sheer and Noir

Chic, elegant and just the right level of slutty. The current obsession with the dark, barely-there exposé presents those of us accustomed to spending half of the year looking like we're on our way back from a funeral with an easy way of mixing-up and sexing-up our monochromatic winter uniform. Whether you wish to flash some leg, arms or decolletage, this seemingly unstoppable trend for the translucent is manifest throughout the high street, with H&M doing some bargain £7.99, American Apparel-alike sheer, button-up shirts which are fast becoming a season staple (see below, as one is expertly teamed with a printed maxi skirt).

Alternatively, have a rummage through your local charity shops; if you remember that far back, the sheer and slinky were endemic within nineties dressing so you're bound to get a good haul through these unwanted cast offs (I found an black, sheer shirt in a delightfully provincial branch of Tenovus, originally from Tammy and I won't lie, the nostalgia was palpable). 

But one bit of advice; Sheer on skin is not the most tasteful look. Layering, the lost art of underclothing and loose, lengthy shapes will prevent this potentially trixy trend from teetering dangerously into the realms of pure, un-fash trash.

Feast your eyes, fashion spies!

Oh, hello Ada! ( I realise there's no sheer but she looks glorious so I make no apologies)

Just a few of my personal staple, sheer pieces:

  The Tammy via Tenovus Triumph

Sheer Panelled Pencil Skirt which was a meagre £9 in the Topshop sale

Probably an old lady's cruise ship, pool-side cover-up, £7 from TK Maxx

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