Friday, 27 August 2010


So, she's always been cute, extremely likeable and that girl you'd really want to be friends with, but never the girl that you desperately wanted to be. You know the one, whose hair/body/outfit/face (delete as appropriate) you obsess over and covet above everything else? Just me? Ok. So anyway, what the hell happened to Drew Barrymore? Everytime I've seen her photographed recently she looks fantastic: from the Alexa-style, dip-dyed, touseled tresses to the perfect Camilla and Marc trousers she was spotted in for her recent Letterman appearance (concealing her newly honed, toned and tanned pins which she chose to exhibit in a slinky khaki number by the late Alexander McQueen) she looks truly transformed!

There's little else I appreciate more in the world of celebrity than 'swanning' and Drew has certainly done just that. Whether she's Dazzling in glistening Catherine Malandrino at the premier of her newest cinematic venture: 'Going The Distance', or out and about in London sporting a winning jeans and leather jacker combo or even simply in off-duty, casual mode, her style star is shooting, landing her atop tons of 'Best Dressed' lists and I couldn't be more thrilled. Or, if I'm honest, envious.

Drew arriving at the Nylon/Express Denim Issue party
wearing a dress by Janine Vintage and her trusty, nude YSL pumps
Arriving for her Letterman appearance on the 24th August
 in a sequinned Richard Chai top, a pair of
 Camilla and Marc trousers and another pair (lucky girl) of YSL pumps
One of the shots for her recent cover of Nylon's Denim issue, in a classic Levi's gilet
At the premier of "Going The Distance"
 in show-stopping Malandrino Restort 2010 gold brocade

Out and about in London in IRO denim, Current Elliot sheer top
 and All Saints leather jaket.

Congratulations Drew, you've just become 'that' girl and I still can't help but unconditionally adore and want to drink beer, eat peanuts and talk about about "dirty" things with you, like you apparently do with your "girlfriends" (as she reveals in her latest Elle Interview). Oh, and borrow your shoes...and your trainer.


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