Sunday, 29 August 2010

"I'd happily wake up with any of them... my mind, each of these women are perfect". Says Katie Grand of her eight chosen cover girls.

'The Gorgeous Issue" of Love is unleashed; claiming to represent a different perception of what it means to be beautiful with each of it's cover stars.

A brief summary:

Rosie is certainly deserving of her title 'The Bombshell'. Personifying the raw sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit, she looks quite at home in the role of tantalising seductress.

I really don't see what those small pink rectangles are trying to achieve, but I guess as an over zealous bit-part actor (playing the role of Jason, Gretchen Weiners' on/off again love interest) in Mean Girls once famously proclaimed: "it only counts if you see a nipple". Despite the not-so-subtle tits and arse focus of her cover (what else was she going to do, really?), Kelly Brook still manages to smoulder sweetly and protect her modesty with a feather boa. Hardly Groundbreaking but pretty nonetheless.

I'll admit, I've never been a huge Aggy fan, but I have to admit that her cover is simply and serenely beautiful, definitely the most memorable of the various covers. It's also important to mention that anyone who can have the Sinead O'Connor hairstyle circa 'Nothing Compares 2 U' and look this gorgeous is more than deserving of the accoloade.

I have never and will never approve of pushed-up, made-up and generally overly sexed-up Sienna. I have rarely seen her look good styled in this way and her LOVE cover is no exception. She looks nothing like herself and crucially I don't think this represents her unique and undeniably gorgeous appeal; which rests, in my humble opinion, on her awe-inducing ability to look so naturally beautiful when she is barely made up, or in the most unassuming of get-up. She's basically unrecognizable in this shot.

Alessandra's cover was a pleasant surprise. It's a rare treat to see her looking so 'fashion'. The paler complexion and simple styling really highlight her strikingly beautiful features, usually overshadowed by the big hair, bulging breasts and other hallmarks of a seasoned Victoria's Secret angel.


Seriously, Lauren Hutton looks like she's been guzzling by the bucket-full at the fountain of youth. I guess it probaby helps if one were this utterly gorgeous in one's prime:

Chanelling the Mrs. Robinson look as her female archetype, Gisele looks like the ultimate sophisticated glamazon on her LOVE cover. With her bouffant hair, come-to-bed eyes and the strap of her slip suggestively sliding down her golden arm; this is certainly a more refined and mature image of the brazillian 'bombshell'. I must say I still prefer Gisele with her wild, honey-blonde mane, barely there makeup and preferably wearing as little as possible.

It's ok Katie, we know LOVE is a such a quirky publication, is there really any need for this?

For anyone that cares, this is Buela the Mannequin who, according to, is a Louis Vuitton doll lent by Fabrizio Viti.

In Conclusion I loved Alessandra, Aggy, Rosie and Lauren, am unsure as to why Kelly Brook is relevant to a fashion magazine, despised 'sexy' Sienna and I'm still undecided about Gisele. As for the mannequin? I think that's obvious and doesn't need repeating with expletives. 

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