Thursday, 26 August 2010

The September Issue...Resolved!

I caved.
I blame the appaulling weather and abundance of beautiful boots on the high street right now.

The search was inevitably sped up due to the fact that the seams of my beloved £15 black lace-ups have finally come apart, rendering them completely unwearable and leaving me with nothing but  soggy, soluble footwear.

Therefore, I don't feel quite so guilty about completely failing at this, my most ardent of resolutions.
After scouring the best of the high street my little town has to offer for a simple pair of black ankle boots (there's no way I won't wear them if they're a fail safe..right?) I came across some strong (but very pricey) contenders in Office, a surprisingly poor selection in Topshop and, shockingly, my winning (and most inexpensive) pair in Clarks. Which is somewhere I haven't set foot since I was allowed to upgrade my 'bootlegs' to the infinitely cooler Pod's in the autumn of 2002.

Branching out slightly from last year's beloved, second-hand pixie boots; I opted for a simple, chunky, black suede Chelsea style. A complete steal at £40 and far less likely to dissolve and leave me with the early stages of trench foot during Manchester's impending monsoon season; a true novelty for one accustomed to wearing little except ballet shoes and battered old boots perennially, rain or shine. Maybe I'm getting sensible in my old age?

Here they are! Fairly unassuming, but fantastically versatile (in theory).

I'm 85% sure on them, and since Clarks don't really appeal hugely to my demographic, here's hoping they won't be the ankle boots Du Jour of every other girl in the Fallowfield area this autumn, and at £40 it wouldn't be too hard to justify another pair come October...would it?

So the saga continues..

Here are my pick of the best black ankle boots on the provincial high-street (price restriction considered, unfortunately, otherwise Chloé would have certainly triumphed over Clarks).

£65 from Topshop

£69.99 from Clarks, complete with very on-trend shearling lining.

£69.99 from Clarks, a bit too sophisticated for me,
 but I love the equestrian detailing

£92 from Office.
£65 from Topshop.

£89 from Clarks.

£88 from Office

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