Monday, 30 August 2010



Serena Van der Woodsen looking very Isabel Marant; unsurprisingly bagging the best wardrobe by far, dining with Lou Douillion and pouting in Pucci.

Blair Waldorf (no longer clad in clothes that make her look twice her age and at least twice her size) frolicking with Serena by Notre Dame, having a moonlit reunion with Mr. Bass in a beautiful red gown and judging by the astounding number of  bags she is seen carrying; spending her hard-inherited trust fund on the finest fashion Paris has to offer.

When you thought Chuck Bass couldn't get any camper he is seen wielding a cane; and often in the company of none other than Clémence Poésy.

Nate is clearly meant to have 'let himself go: all mussed up hair and baggy sweatpants whilst Dan Humphrey is seen looking despondent with a terribly unconvincing baby doll (could this cue this most irritating and pointless story of GG to date?).

Vanessa is uninspiring and irrelevant as usual but most importantly there wasn't a faintest trace of Taylor Momsen's fishnet hold-ups or ratty, bleached extensions anywhere.

She's probably too busy being made to want to die, disrupting the darkest of rock 'n' roll dinner parties by writhing around in her underwear or even just being so incredibly alternative to be involved, I imagine.

Well played Gossip Girl, Paris looks good on you.

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