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Since the age of fourteen I have been convinced that Chloe Sevigny, New York's Hipster Queen, indie actress and all round fashion goddess hadn't a single pretender to her style throne. Others would come and go, their 'quirkyness' obviously laboured, or their look completely formulaic and I would soon lose interest. That is until I decided I to do my research on Ada Kokosar.

After attracting hundreds of comments on the Sartorialist's blog, the profile of the Italian stylist is rising, and with good reason. Her use of colour is superb, the textures of her dreamy ensembles often juxtaposed to an undone perfection; in both her professional work and her own personal style of dress she is truly exceptional.

Here are some examples of her styling work from

Published in D Magazine, Photography by B Dayan

Published in D Magazine, Photography by B Dayan

Published in D Magazine, Photography by B. Dayan

Published in D Magazine, Photogrpahy by Sean&Seng

Published in D Magazine, Photography by B. Ripoche

Published in View Of The Times, Photograph by A. Bolzoni

Published in D Magazine by J.F. Carly

Published in D Magazine, Photography by B Ripoche

Published in D Magazine, Photography by R. Wijesooriya

So much of her own personal flair is evident within the above work: the gratuitous use of layering, strong yet subtle colour palette and fearless texture combinations are emblematic of Kokosar's styling and transcend seamlessly from one diverse shoot to another.

But it's really Kokosar's own enigmatic ensembles that have me so enthusiastic:

Exhibiting her fearless attitude to colour, this (no other word for it) fierce, all-blue ensemble is tuly striking.
Camel coat and Shearling boots months before they were en vouge, good work.
Again, working with colours in a similar palette in one outfit works effortlessly on her and the large statement clutch and simple belt provide all the accessories needed to perfect this look.
Crisp, chic and effortless in the perfect-length camel coat at Milan Fashion week
I guess it helps that she's also incredibly beautiful. With serious Sevigny tendencies. What can I say, I have a type!
I never thought i'd like coloured tights. Ever.
My favourite look of the (unfortunately very few) photo's I could find of her. Everything from the jacket, to the dark grey cabl-knit sleeves to the fabulous bag and those boots!
I'm in love.
The simple rule of teaming garments within the same colour scheme is again, proved correct as Ada teams classic pieces in a medium grey shade with muted taupe accessories.

Maybe it's the Samson effect: whilst Sevigny cut her hair into that unassuming bob, Kokosar still provides me with stunning ensembles accompanied (as mine always are) by her straggly blonde mane? Regardless, I am craving more nuggets of fashion gold from Miss Kokosar in the very near future, and in posession of a freshly-renewed desperation for the perfect camel coat.

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